Coming to Terms with Social Distancing

Conversations About Autism

We all experience social distancing differently.

Each person has different emotions. It’s also true for me that my own feelings change from day to day, sometimes from minute to minute.

We have been under stay-at-home orders here for four weeks. In some ways, it seems more like eight weeks or maybe even three months.

This is a partial story of my journey through this period of isolation. It begins with some challenges for me. It ends with today, when I feel in control of whatever aspects of my life I can control. I am feeling grateful instead of fearful.

Years ago, when I read Now Discover Your Strengths and took the accompanying assessment, I was not surprised to discover that my top strength was Learner.

I am always reading and learning. It is not surprising that I turned to reading about the psychological, emotional, and spiritual effects of our current…

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