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Reach Out While Social Distancing

Conversations About Autism

Phone calls can mean so much during this time.

“In an abundance of caution” is a phrase I heard repeatedly as various things began to shut down around me mid-March. Now, as states are easing out of that time of “caution” we may still miss the physical contact with people during social distancing. While I miss hugging my family, I am thankful for the technology that allows my daughter to send me photos and videos of my granddaughter. She is no longer the baby that I watched once a week in February. She is a darling and busy toddler.

There are people who don’t or can’t use technology. Some people have never learned to use the internet or smart phones. Maybe that’s because they are older and just never wanted to learn, thinking they “got along fine without it.” Maybe they have failing vision that would create additional barriers to…

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Social Distancing Staycation

Conversations About Autism

Yep, that’s me. Beautiful morning on the patio.

I’m retired. Why do I need a staycation during quarantine?

I didn’t need a staycation. I just wanted one.

The vacation began when I knew I needed a change of pace after weeks of lockdown. I asked myself what I would do if I were going on a real vacation.

I don’t travel often. When I do, I pack tote bags (yes that’s plural) of things that I enjoy doing but might not make time to do at home. I sit and stare at mountains or a lake and pull things from my bag. I walk a little and enjoy the scenery. I may visit a botanical garden, a museum, or some other touristy site.

So, follow along if you like and learn a little about what I enjoy doing and have been doing on my staycation.

I thought my break would…

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