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Finding Autism Events

Conversations About Autism

As a parent of a child with autism, how do you find out
about local events, workshops, or activities that are pertinent to you and your

Recently, I asked this question of two parents of children on
the spectrum. One woman, the mother of a young adult with autism, told me,
“It’s been totally word of mouth from parents – my experience.” Another woman,
the mother of a teen on the spectrum, explained that she has a friend who has a
state caseworker who sends out emails sharing many local events. Somehow, this
mom managed to get on the mailing list that informs her of many activities that
she is interested in attending.

Each of these moms was aware of places or activities that the other didn’t realize existed. No surprise with a word of mouth system!


This is in St. Louis. Maybe things are different in…

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