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My Hiatus

I wrote my first two blog entries knowing that I would be taking a short hiatus from all things electronic for a few days.  I participated in a 4 day religious retreat.   In January, as I looked toward my retirement, I had the opportunity to begin formation for a retreat that was scheduled for 2 weeks after my last day of school.  Several things indicated to me that this would be the perfect way to begin my retirement.  A little “spiritual tuneup” is always a good thing.  It was a great decision for me and an opportunity for me to slow my pace.  One of the women I met on the retreat told me about a great volunteer opportunity that I will keep in mind as I move forward.  I find it amazing that whenever I mention my quest for my new calling someone shares with me an opportunity that I can consider.  This organization provides city youth with a mentor who meets each week with the student while also connecting with school and home. The mentor works on academics, character, and career prep.  It’s called Urban Future. I would love to hear about the experiences of anyone who has been part of this organization.