Organizing 2021

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Conversations About Autism

It’s a new year. Time for a new bullet journal.

When you read about bullet journals, the idea is that you grab a new blank notebook and begin fresh each year. That’s not the way I roll but it just happened to work out this year.

When I began bullet journaling, I grabbed a cheap skinny notebook that I had in my collection, set it up in the recommended way, and started my index. Four or five months later, the journal was full, so, I found another little notebook in my stash and began again.

In the second book, I eliminated the pages I found redundant or unused. To my way of thinking, the future logs were a lifesaver. The weekly spreads made sense and worked for me. The monthly spreads felt like a waste of time, energy, and paper.

My calendar is on my phone. At one point, for…

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