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Rock Cottages

A number of years ago a parent gave me a paperweight she had painted.  She had the creativity to turn a rock into a school house.  I distinctly remember thinking that it was pretty amazing that someone could look at a rock and see a school house.  Since the year 2006, I have looked at that paperweight and thought, “Someday I want to have the time to look for a school house in a rock!”Image


Several months ago my husband and I were looking for some rock for our yard and I persuaded him to help me look for rocks that resembled the shape of buildings. He had never seen my paperweight so was a little unsure but he humored me and helped me pick out some building-worthy rocks.  He even scrubbed them for me, without my asking,  since I could not get my splinted hand wet.  My first rock painting project since retirement was a little blue cottage.  I learned a lot about skinny lines, a shaky hand, paint, and rocks tumbling onto the side that is wet. Since then I finished a rock church and improved on my technique. I have two more rocks.  I have not yet decided how they will look.  Stay tuned.




I love having time to notice buildings in rocks!