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Synchronicity or Godwinks?

Conversations About Autism

Do you believe that things sometimes happen for a reason?

I’m talking about the sequence of events that, though unconnected, seem to be connected.

Some people may call these sequences coincidence, synchronicity, a twist of fate, or Godwinks.

I do believe things often happen for a reason. Often, experiences seem to relate in unexpected ways. Yet sometimes I’m not mindful enough to notice them.

Just such a thing happened to me a few weeks ago. And I noticed.

There’s a little coffee shop near my home called More Than Coffee. It’s a free-standing building with a drive-up window and a walk-up window. Their menu board is topped by the motto, “Helping challenged people one cup at a time.”

This coffee shop has been in business for almost twelve years. It has trained nearly ninety individuals with special needs and helped them find employment. Many of those individuals have autism.

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Telling Your Child He Has Autism

Conversations About Autism

Does your child with autism know about the diagnosis?

When did you tell him or her? As an adult on the spectrum, how did you find out that you have autism?

At my cafe book signing last fall, a young woman walked up to my table with her daughter. I don’t think she was in the café already. It was as if she just appeared. She had no purse and told me she was walking down the street to meet someone, so I can only assume she came into the café after seeing my sign in by the front door.

She immediately began talking to me about her ten-year-old son. She told me that he is in a special class for exceptionally gifted children. He has ADHD. Oh yes, he has autism also. She and her husband have not told him about the autism diagnosis, which I felt must be…

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Author Next Steps

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Conversations About Autism

There are those people who make resolutions when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

 Then there are those of us who do not.

As I think over past improvements and accomplishments in my life, I realize that none of them were the result of one moment in time or one list of resolutions. In recent years, I have become ADD. My mind is in constant free flight accompanied by sudden thoughts of things I absolutely must do!

I have also learned within those moments that I need to sit with a thought for a long time to sort out which of these random ideas include some tidbit of an activity I might actually want to pursue. Or whether it is worth pursuing.

This is how my book came about. I thought of the idea of interviewing families of children with autism. I considered how that might come about, and I…

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Sharing Autism Experiences

Conversations About Autism

Dear Reader and Friend,

When I first began what I called “My Project I Hope Will
Become a Book about Autism,” I was afraid that I would have a difficult time
finding people to tell me their stories. I was amazed when people I knew and even
people I didn’t know kept saying “Yes!” when I asked. Thirteen families were
willing to give me, and also you, a glimpse into their personal lives.

The way their stories flowed from their hearts moved me.
Each time I listened to the recordings as I transcribed peoples’ narratives, I
once again heard and felt the joy, worry, surprise, hope, and love in their voices.
Each time I read their words as I reworked, reorganized, and edited the book, I
once again felt that connection with them that I experienced when they first
talked to me.

My project grew until I realized I actually…

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