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Autism and Respite Care

Conversations About Autism

At some point, many of us are caregivers for someone. If we are parents, we were at one time responsible for the health, feeding, clothing, sheltering, and safety of our young children. Maybe we have adult children, parents, spouses, or siblings who come under our care for short or long periods of time.

When my children were young, I could call grandparents or a babysitter if my husband or I wanted to go out or even take a short vacation.

When the care receiver is an adult or a child with special needs, it may not always be so easy to find someone to help relieve the caregiver.

When I was a teenager, my maternal grandmother moved in with my Aunt Helen. It was a difficult transition. Growing up, we had visited my grandparents every Sunday, and Aunt Helen’s family almost every Friday. As a teen, my life was busy…

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A Sensory Gym

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Conversations About Autism

Where does your child with autism like to play?

Is there a gym near you where your child is not only accepted but welcomed with special equipment that is tailored to his needs?

We Rock the Spectrum is special sensory gym with locations all around the United States.

One mother I know recommended one of these gyms in the St. Louis area. She told me that, while she had only visited the We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Fenton, MO that there are actually two others in the greater metropolitan area, one in St. Ann, MO and the other in Edwardsville, IL. When I checked out the website I discovered that this gym has facilities all over the United States and even has some international locations.

One day I found myself in the same strip shopping center as the Fenton location, so I took the time to…

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