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First Week – Getting My Feet Wet

Memorial Day weekend passed, my husband went back to work, and I was officially retired.  This was, for all practical purposes, my first day of retirement. Time to dig in.  But, having decided not to attack retirement with the intent of accomplishing all of my life’s dreams in the first month, I decided to let the mood move me.  For me, that has to include a lot of reading.  That is really not at all different from what I do every summer.  I started one fiction book on my Nook and read a few chapters each of two nonfiction books.  I felt the urge to pull out some piano music and determine whether my brain could remember the notes and keys that the right hand plays.  It’s probably a good thing that my left hand is in a splint since one hand was enough of a challenge!  Then I unearthed a book about drawing which I had found on clearance years ago but never had time to explore.  When I was in retirement attack mode I had located some art classes at the local community college and was ready to mail in my check.  In my new laid back mode I decided to play around a bit with drawing on my own. What fun! For years I have enjoyed a paperweight rock, painted like a school house, that was a gift from a student. I wished that I could see a schoolhouse in a rock.  When picking up some landscaping rock a few weeks ago, my husband humored me as we handpicked rocks that could become cottages.  My first cottage is now complete and I learned what I will do differently on the next little house.  I spent some time in my yard photographing flowers and birds.  Photography was something I enjoyed in one of my previous lives, but I think I will hold off on signing up for a class. Breath, slow down, relax!  I took some cooking classes with Rachel Ray.  She taught me some practical things about cooking I never knew.  I think she may become one of my new best friends.  Oh yeh! I remembered that a friend had started a blog several years ago and blogging was something I figured I would do some day.  I formulated my plan and … here you go.  I definitely have not yet figured out what I will do next with my life, but thoroughly enjoyed getting me feet wet in my new reality.