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Conversations About Autism

I have been too busy to post lately. I have been finalizing each step of my book design. The book will be available August 1, 2019 on and

Here is part of the book description that will appear on Amazon.

Conversations About Autism takes you into the homes of thirteen families as parents reveal with heartfelt honesty the uncertainty, struggles, blessings, and joys that are theirs as the parents of one or more children with autism.

Several adults on the spectrum candidly share how they have navigated through a society that does not always understand their differences or needs. Through the straightforward, spontaneous words of these real people, you will glimpse the everyday life of families who have found acceptance on their journey.  You will also discover that you are not alone.

The personal events these families revealed are divided by topics such as sensory issues, family life, financial struggles, and meltdowns. This format enables you to navigate to subjects that most touch your family’s daily life. Simple, relatable stories based on the author’s years in the classroom introduce most chapters and provide background that is understandable to someone just learning about autism.

The men and women who frankly related their poignant stories have opened their lives to you, the reader. They hope that their combined voices and experiences will enable you to recognize parts of your own story and will offer you hope, guidance, and acceptance.