Normal is Fluid

Conversations About Autism

After sixty plus years of life, I have recently recognized that life is fluid and ever transforming. Throughout my life, my normal has constantly changed.

Maybe this indefiniteness of life goes all the way back to Eden, when the pluck of an apple altered things dramatically for Adam and Eve.

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the word normal as an adjective, as a noun, and as a geographical name. (Normal, Illinois sounds like a town from a Hallmark movie, don’t you think?)

I’ve considered some changes to “regular patterns” that occur naturally.

A child beginning preschool can be a big event for a family. They settle into a new routine. Schedules are arranged to provide transportation to or from school. Then, the child turns five. Now a bus may pick up the boy or girl to go to kindergarten or maybe before or after school care becomes part of the routine…

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One response to “Normal is Fluid

  1. I love that you still have the pillow your mom made. My folks are in a long term care facility and this is the longest I have gone without seeing them. This part of the new “normal” is hard. But, you are right, we will get through it and come out on the other side.

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