Learning from COVID-19

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The nation and the world are living a new reality. COVID-19 is spreading. People all over the world are in lockdown.

Yet, as I sit in my home practicing social distancing, I have been wondering what it is that I am to learn from this experience.

We can learn from everything if we take the time, can’t we? I firmly believe that. If we want to, if we adopt a mindset of learning rather than fear, we can grow from what we are experiencing. We can grow as individuals. We can, hopefully, grow as nations.

We live in a world where people and countries have become self-centered. A new world will come out of this experience. It can be better a better world or it can be worse. We are all in this together. The way we look at people will change. Finances will change. The way we view commodities…

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One response to “Learning from COVID-19

  1. I think my adult and almost adult children are more thankful for the family time we are having. I know I am.

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