Virtual Meetings with Family and Friends

Conversations About Autism

Last Saturday, I was thrilled to attend a virtual WW (formerly Weight Watchers) workshop online. Normally, I would not broadcast to the world that I am a WW member, but these are not normal times.

Why was this such an exciting workshop? I learned something new, video conferencing. This is Post Number 2 about things to do during lockdown.

The WW workshop was attended by thirty-three people! It was such a good feeling to see and hear people that I pretty regularly see on Saturday mornings. I needed that feeling of normalcy.

I actually “attended” the meeting on my phone. During the workshop, we had some conversations about how the Zoom app works. On my screen, I could see a small image of myself and a full screen video of whoever was talking. Many of the participants were new to this process.

As we talked, we discovered that on the…

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3 responses to “Virtual Meetings with Family and Friends

  1. It is so nice to finally see the sun!

  2. Brandon face timed with Lorie last night. He loved it. We are doing it again tomorrow!

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