My Bullet Journal – My Life

Conversations About Autism

I have this beautiful leather book, soft and flexible. The cover is decorated with orange leaves in various shades. An orange leather strap wraps around the book and holds everything important in it, not letting the indexed words escape. Washi tape in various shades marks the edge of many of the pages. There are no loose papers in the book.

I laugh when I call it my “Life Book.”

My husband will ask, “Is that the correct new price for our TV service?”

“Let me check my Life Book” is my reply. It’s all there.

People in the know would call it a bullet journal, although my bullet journal is definitely not as precise and fancy as those you see if you google the term. No, mine is definitely my life journal – or it was prior to March.

Somewhere in my past, I became a collector of notebooks. On…

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