Author, Writer, or Listener?

Conversations About Autism

What am I? And, maybe more importantly. where am I headed? I frequently ask myself these questions.

It’s been almost a year since my book was published, so I guess that mean’s I’m an author. When I meet someone who asks me about myself, I still don’t find it easy to say, “I’m an author.” I’m not sure why that is.

Book marketing is an impossible, uncomfortable, self-promoting beast to me. I probably could think of a few more adjectives to convey my strong emotions on the subject. But an author doesn’t sell books without promoting those books.

Then there’s the word writer. As a published author, I’m certainly a writer.

One has to write in order to publish, right? That makes one a writer. Or maybe it doesn’t.

I can and will say I’m a listener. Now, don’t get me wrong. In the right circumstances I can talk someone’s…

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