On Fathers of Children with Special Needs

Conversations About Autism

Father’s Day is a day to honor those men in our lives who have raised us, nurtured us, guided us. Being a father, or a mother, is not always an easy task. Fathering a child with special needs might be even more challenging.

Here’s a special tribute to fathers of children with special needs.

In the story of Mimi and George, you read that George’s father was one that struggled with parenting a son with autism. He fought his own demons in the form of alcoholism.

Then, something unexpected happened.

An amazing man entered the family’s life and chose to marry Mimi and become father to her two boys, one of whom had autism!

At this point, George was living in a residential center out of town. Her first husband had died from conditions related to his drinking.

Mimi laughed when she told me that men she dated did not…

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