Special Ed Teacher – 1973

Conversations About Autism

What was the coursework like in the early 1970’s for young people studying to become special education teachers?

This was around the time that Mimi began searching for answers about George. It was during this time period that I studied to become a special education teacher. Mimi and I never met back then. George never attended the school at which I taught. But I think, now, he could have. I find that something to chew on.

After I decided to become a special education teacher, I naturally began looking at college programs that would work for me. The state special education certifications offered at the time were varied and specific. There was no cross categorical certification. Training was specialized. I could train to work with kids with hearing impairment. I could choose to work with children who were visually impaired, OR those with intellectual disabilities, OR with those who…

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One response to “Special Ed Teacher – 1973

  1. Wow this is fascinating, interesting and heartbreaking as an autism mama. I knew moms were labeled as “refrigerator moms” but I didn’t know they were being “treated” for it! How wrong and humiliating 😔

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