Mimi and George: A Story of Autism – Part 1

Conversations About Autism

The year was 1965 and it was a chaotic time in their lives. 

Mimi was seven months pregnant when she and John moved from their small apartment to a house that would provide the extra space that would be needed after the birth of their second child.  The November move brought with it the necessity of organizing a new home in the midst of the hubbub of Thanksgiving and Christmas, all while keeping up with fifteen- month old George who was walking and talking and busy, as only a child that age can be.  By the time the holidays were over, Mimi was in nesting mode and soon little James was born.  James was a sweet and easy baby compared to George, who had cried frequently between nursing and had not been a good sleeper.         

As Mimi finally began to settle into a new routine with two boys under…

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  1. I can’t even imagine. 😢

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