Social Distancing and Keeping Active

Conversations About Autism

This is the first of a series of indeterminate number of posts of things to do during lock down. Haha.

Number 1 – Keep active.

In St. Louis, we have had lots of rain.

And more rain. These are pictures of some of the marshy places in my yard.

We have not had good days for walking outside.

Two nights ago, my husband asked me, from his recliner, if it was dry outside so he could take the dog for a walk in the subdivision. From my seat at the computer, I could see the wet patio but no water drops bouncing on the pavement. I gave him the all clear.

Oops. Apparently, it was drizzling a little when he left. By the time he got home he was drenched. He took the hair dryer to himself while I dried the dripping dog!

Wet has been the word in St…

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2 responses to “Social Distancing and Keeping Active

  1. It has poured all month here too. Of course, out here a half inch over two days is considered an atmospheric river.

  2. I am so tired of the rain. I am in St. Louis, also, and I am ready for the sun!

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