The Boy in the Woman’s Restroom

Conversations About Autism

Most women have probably walked into a public restroom at some point and seen a mother with a little boy. In today’s world, it is probably not safe to send a young boy alone into the men’s restroom.

What if the boy that mother had in tow were fourteen? What if an older teen boy were in the care of a young woman, not much older than him?

What would be the reaction of others?

About a year ago I was in the public women’s restroom at the mall and saw a woman who was probably in her twenties. She was with a young man in his late teens. She was helping him wash and dry his hands. We three were the only people in the restroom at the time.

I glanced up at the teen and immediately recognized him. I know that he is autistic and has other challenges.

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One response to “The Boy in the Woman’s Restroom

  1. Years ago, at one of our younger son’s soccer games, our Brandon was doing his usual jumping and hand flapping. We were outside and thought nothing of it. A young child (3-4 years old) watched Brandon for a minute and then started walking towards him. His mother snatched the child up by the arm and said “stay away from him” and walked off. I usually let those things go, but not that day. I yelled after her that my son has autism and it isn’t contagious. I hope it registered with her.

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