Speaking on Autism

Conversations About Autism

I’m a retired teacher, right? Talking in front of people is not a problem.

I spent twenty years talking in front of people. Well, groups of about twenty kids under nine. They were not always an easy audience. At the start of each year I also spoke to their collective parents.

Then I spent five years talking in front of sometimes hostile-ish, reluctant college seniors. I instructed them on how to teach math to elementary students. At least half of them hated math and/or didn’t understand it. Hence the occasional feeling of hostility because I expected them to do the math.

Now, I am preparing to talk in front a group of maybe thirty adults about autism and how to listen effectively to parents or grandparents of children with special needs.

April is Autism Awareness month and, this April, I will be speaking to a group of Stephen Ministers. Stephen…

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3 responses to “Speaking on Autism

  1. I was a Stephen Minister years ago, too. I found it to be a really good program. As a parent of a child with severe autism, I would like people to know that we really do know our child best. I have become frustrated in the past when people say things like “he’ll eat when he gets hungry”, “he just needs a good spanking, then the meltdowns will stop”, and my favorite “I am certain the autism did not come from my side of the family (actually said to me by a grandparent)”. Good luck with your speech!

  2. Thanks. Good idea to talk about what not to say to parents.

  3. Sounds exciting – good luck!

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