What is Autism Awareness?

Conversations About Autism

Where are we as a society today when it comes to autism awareness? What does the term mean or, more importantly, what does someone who is “aware” of autism do differently than someone who is not? These are questions I sometimes ask myself.

Parents of children with autism have told me that their child does not look different than other kids, so they are judged. We can see wheelchairs, white canes, and hearing aids that make it clear to an observant person that someone has a special need.

For the most part, we can’t see some tangible, concrete indicator that a person is on the spectrum.

I was raised in a time and place where everyone around me was what people then would have called “normal.” I remember that during the course of my nine years in elementary school, I met a friend’s acquaintance who was deaf. There must…

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One response to “What is Autism Awareness?

  1. For me, awareness is being willing to learn. Being willing to look forward. I like to think I am quite aware, but as my son grows into adulthood, I have realized I have a lot more to be aware of

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