Synchronicity or Godwinks?

Conversations About Autism

Do you believe that things sometimes happen for a reason?

I’m talking about the sequence of events that, though unconnected, seem to be connected.

Some people may call these sequences coincidence, synchronicity, a twist of fate, or Godwinks.

I do believe things often happen for a reason. Often, experiences seem to relate in unexpected ways. Yet sometimes I’m not mindful enough to notice them.

Just such a thing happened to me a few weeks ago. And I noticed.

There’s a little coffee shop near my home called More Than Coffee. It’s a free-standing building with a drive-up window and a walk-up window. Their menu board is topped by the motto, “Helping challenged people one cup at a time.”

This coffee shop has been in business for almost twelve years. It has trained nearly ninety individuals with special needs and helped them find employment. Many of those individuals have autism.

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