Sharing Autism Experiences

Conversations About Autism

Dear Reader and Friend,

When I first began what I called “My Project I Hope Will
Become a Book about Autism,” I was afraid that I would have a difficult time
finding people to tell me their stories. I was amazed when people I knew and even
people I didn’t know kept saying “Yes!” when I asked. Thirteen families were
willing to give me, and also you, a glimpse into their personal lives.

The way their stories flowed from their hearts moved me.
Each time I listened to the recordings as I transcribed peoples’ narratives, I
once again heard and felt the joy, worry, surprise, hope, and love in their voices.
Each time I read their words as I reworked, reorganized, and edited the book, I
once again felt that connection with them that I experienced when they first
talked to me.

My project grew until I realized I actually…

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