An Autism Book and Book Signings

Conversations About Autism

What happens if you have a book signing and nobody comes?

Fortunately, that has not yet happened to me at the three author events I have had since my book release in August. While my turnout has not always been large, those who have shown up and talked to me have been a surprising and interesting mix of people.

All have spent some time in conversation about autism which is great, given that my mission is to “keep the conversation going.”

Of course, some who came to events were people I already know or who follow my Facebook page at Debbie Frick – Author. They find out about my book events there.

There were also old acquaintances who were unexpected, like my former kindergarten student turned adult who came with her mother. It turns out she follows the independent book store on social media and saw my name.


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2 responses to “An Autism Book and Book Signings

  1. I’m working on an autism picture book. I enjoyed reading about how your book signings have gone.

  2. Thanks. It’s a journey. Hop over to my book website and see what else I am doing.

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