The Present is a Gift

After planning the the title of the post I researched “The Quote” about the present being a gift – only to find several variations of the quote.  I chose this particular one for the graphics.

Beginning my retirement with my hand in a splint really has necessitated that I slow down.  Everything takes me at least twice as long as it would take if I could use both hands.  I broke my finger because I was so focused on getting to work early that I was not even considering being careful about what I was doing. So often in the past years life has been about tackling the next thing on my agenda in some impossible effort to catch up. I’m not sure what it was that I was trying to catch!  Several times in my life I have injured myself by not being in the moment.  Now, as I tackle my tasks with the precision of the turtle in the race against the hare, I breathe deeply and intentionally to keep myself in the present. I wonder if the turtle took deep breaths to keep himself on track.  I don’t know, but it’s great for me.  I am enjoying things without looking at the finish line.

This past weekend, my daughter came in town.  She wanted her older brother and sister to come to our house for a belated Father’s Day barbecue.  Saturday at noon was the time when the others could come.  My daughter and I hit the grocery store Saturday morning, just a few hours before the event, with no menu in mind.  We chatted and shopped, came home and chatted and began food preparations. Well, she began preparing food as I was more of a hindrance than a help. We all enjoyed a great meal.  Usually my daughter takes off early Sunday so she can get her laundry and shopping finished and be ready for work on Sunday.  I usually begin my catch up routine as soon as she leaves.  This weekend was a little different.  She was not leaving until 4:00 since she was going to a business destination for a Monday morning meeting.  Those extra hours were such a gift, I think for her as well as for me.  We went on a lengthy shopping trip to a local outlet mall and really enjoyed the excursion.  Her sister came back to our house for a while to visit.  When every one left I breathed, pushed thoughts of laundry out of my head, and just soaked in the pleasures of the leisurely family time that had been ours over the weekend.  WHAT A GIFT!

One response to “The Present is a Gift

  1. You’re the second blogger I’ve read in the last 24 hours (ironically the other was ALSO a retired teacher) who talked about being able to slow down. Although I still have a job to go to, the message must be one I need to hear.

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