A few days ago I talked about routines and how important they will be during my retirement.  One of the routines I plan on establishing is to blog everyday.  It’s obvious to myself and anyone reading this blog that I have not yet disciplined myself to this daily practice.  I need to remind myself that it usually takes me most of the summer to establish a routine.  But one of the reasons I began the blog was to help me be accountable to myself – to move myself forward, slowly and with precision, in the eight ” disciplines”  I have determined are important.

I am considering how to best meld discipline and slower pace.  As a teacher I was fairly disciplined.  Anyone who has taught within the last five years, maybe anyone who has worked at any job in the last five years,  understands that the constant multi-tasking required  precludes working at anything other than a quick pace.  (Frantic pace was the first phrase that came to mind but that might be too dramatic.)

So, for right now, I am blogging when I feel that I have something to share that will provide insight to myself or others.  Maybe the infrequency of my blogs is really not a result of lack of discipline but a  sign that I am actually decluttering my mind, as I told friends I would do for the first month of retirement.  It could be due to the fact that I hate typing with one hand and when I try to use only my thumb and index finger on my left hand the splint protruding from my other fingers hits some unknown function key which sends my computer into a tailspin which I struggle to untangle.  Who knows?  But I guess I have all summer to figure it out.



2 responses to “Self-discipline

  1. I used to write a post everyday, but it got to be a burden, especially when I was on a trip. I now write only on the weekdays. This is a fun way to meet other retired teachers and interesting people around the world.

  2. I started blogging five years ago, and I never tried to do a post a day. When I was still teaching, there were times during the school year when I was lucky if I could manage one post a week. Now that I’m retired, I’m trying to write 3-4 posts a week (on two different blogs). Rather than trying to publish a post every day, my goal is to write every day, with one day devoted to drafting a new post and the next to revising, polishing, and publishing it. I think we all have to figure out what combination of scheduling and going with the flow works best for us.

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