Slowing Down

A week before the last day of school – my retirement day – I broke the middle finger of my left hand. This was not one of those  “buddy tape your finger and carry on as usual” type breaks.  This break required surgery, pins, and therapy.  Oh my!  So my retirement started differently than I had anticipated. Fortunately, I am right-handed but it still takes me an inordinate amount of time to do simple things. Interestingly, having to slow down because of the break has caused me to step back and take a look at my outlook on retirement.

Several months ago I began considering what I could do, wanted to do, should do when I retire.  Then I found myself thinking about preparing for some of these things before the school year ever even ended.  I was revved up and getting ready to hit the ground running the day I retired.  Fortunately, I realized how misplaced my thinking actually was before I lined up all my prepared items and wrote my plans on my calendar!  I was going to “attack” retirement with the same level of energy I put into my job.  Start those To-Do lists right away – retirement here I come!  Woah!!!!!

Last week was my first week since school let out.  How much could I squeeze into that first week of freedom?  Not much with one hand in splint and pins to avoid bumping.  Not much with a doctor appointment, 2 days of hand therapy, and three or four daily hand exercises followed by ice.  Last week I realized that I really was not planning on taking a break after retiring.  I was going to keep on working at break-neck speed – just at some unknown something.  Hmm.

3 responses to “Slowing Down

  1. Nice picture of the butterfly and flower. Is that from your garden?

    • It is from the end of last summer when my garden had a rather large butterfly bush. The winter was hard on the bush and it froze back to the ground.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. I would venture to say 70% of the bloggers I’ve connected with are teachers who are retired or still teaching. Next time you have a moment to stop by, you’ll see my sidebar is full of teachers. I’m happy to welcome you to our happy group.

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